Monday, March 4, 2024

AFSCME Council 2 and RPEC Working in Solidarity

AFSCME Council 2 and RPEC Working in Solidarity

RPEC continues to foster strong bonds with labor organizations that represent public sector employees across the state. WSCCCE (Washington State Council of County & City Employees)/AFSCME Council 2 has given us the gracious opportunity to create a page for their website covering RPEC’s purpose and details of membership. View the Council 2 retirees webpage here:

Recruiting union members will greatly improve our member-to-member recruitment capabilities due to the nature of social connections and camaraderie amongst union members. As our union presence expands, so too will our union retiree member base. These potential members are primed for leadership roles at both chapter and council levels and will be instrumental in future recruiting and retention efforts. In the end, these bonds between active and retired union members will not only benefit RPEC as a leading advocate for retiree issues but will also benefit our membership through our ongoing successes both at the state level and federal level on issues such as pensions, healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare.

Active union members have access to a plethora of deals and discounts through Union Plus and those benefits would be retained by becoming an RPEC member. RPEC members have access to union benefits thanks to our partnership with AFSCME. Check out our webpage covering the details about these AFSCME Advantage benefits. Read more about the AFSCME Advantage benefits here:

RPEC vows to continue being a major proponent of union members by maintaining ourselves as the voice of public sector retirees in Washington and by providing a platform for retired union members to collaborate, organize, and mobilize. Union members know the importance of having representation, as that is what gives them a voice. Just as the union has represented them in the political landscape while active, RPEC continues to represent them in retirement.

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