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RPEC Weekly Newsflash, March 10, 2023

RPEC Weekly Newsflash, March 10, 2023

Register today to attend an All-member Strategic Planning Listening Session

As part of the strategic planning process, AFSCME Retiree Council will be facilitating a virtual listening session for all members-at-large and RPEC leaders on Friday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. This virtual listening session is another way you can provide input to the Executive Board to help inform the development of RPEC’s strategic plan.

If you are new to RPEC or a Plan 2/3 member, we especially want to hear from you. Register through this link:

Meeting link information will be sent to all registered attendees prior to the listening session.

Register today for Health Care Authority’s Virtual and In-person Listening Sessions and Public Forums – Space is Limited

The Health Care Authority (HCA) will be hosting virtual and in-person listening sessions and public forums to hear from public sector retirees like you who receive your healthcare benefits from the Public Employees’ Benefits Board (PEBB). Register here. Registration is required and space is limited. Sign up today!

After you register to participate on the HCA website, please email the Council Office at We will need your full name and the date of the listening session you plan to attend.


2023 Leadership Training for Chapter Leaders Set for June

With most chapter elections underway, it is time for new leaders, old leaders and those who may be considering taking a leadership position in the future, to come together and participate in our annual Leadership Training. We will be providing the tools, information, and resources for you to be a successful and supported chapter leader.

The training will be held in two parts: Part A on Monday, June 26 for all chapter leaders, and Part B on Friday, June 30 for chapter leaders involved with finances. Part A will be hosted and led by the Council Office. Part B will be hosted and led by the Auditing Department at AFSCME.

For more information and to register, please visit:

WSARA Spokane Rally Aims To Raise Awareness of the Importance of Retirement Security

The Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans (WSARA) will host a rally, open to all RPEC members, at the Spokane Social Security Office on March 23rd from 12-1:00 p.m.  The rally is being staged to raise awareness of the importance of preserving and strengthening funding for Social Security and Medicare.  Chapter 13 President Gail Spaeth will represent RPEC on the program.  RPEC is a member of WSARA’s Executive Board and has been active in the organization for decades. RPEC stands with WSARA as a valued labor partner and works regularly with the organization on shared legislative and policy priorities.  If you live in the Spokane area, don your green RPEC shirt and plan to attend.  For more information, contact Jackie Boschok, WSARA President, at

Help improve the PEBB newsletter

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program provides you with information throughout the year to help you understand and use your retiree benefits. Now through March 17, they’re asking for feedback about the For Your Benefit newsletter and the UMP Newsletter so they can make the newsletters more useful to you.

Please take this 10-minute survey to tell them if the newsletters are helpful or need more work.

If you want to share even more, some additional questions are at the end of the newsletter survey, asking about how open enrollment went for you. Those should only take a few extra minutes.

Help the PEBB Program serve you better! Start the survey

Do you want to learn more about the threats to traditional Medicare?

One of the benefits of joining RPEC is the opportunity for members to learn from one another about issues that impact retirement security, including preserving traditional Medicare. If you want to gain more knowledge about the healthcare landscape in Washington and at the federal level, attend the bi-monthly virtual Healthcare Workgroup meetings. The workgroup, chaired by Matt Groshong (Chapter 3), discusses a wide range of issues impacting Medicare and healthcare benefits for Washington public sector retirees. Details are available on the RPEC website calendar at Or, reach out to the Council Office at (360) 352-8262, ext. 100, for more information.

This month, all members are also invited to take part in a webinar, hosted by our partner organization, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action (PSARA), about the threats to Medicare. The webinar will be held on March 20 at 5 p.m.

Register at: More details are available at

Upcoming Events:

Please refer to our calendar page for more information for each event, including links to Zoom meetings, if available.

  • March 10 – Legislative Update Call (2:00 pm)
  • March 17 – Legislative Committee meeting (10:00 am)
  • March 17 – Monthly Leadership Call (1:00 pm)
  • March 17 – Legislative Update Call (2:00 pm)
  • March 20 – Senior Lobby (10:00AM)
  • March 20 – PSARA Medicare webinar – see above (5:00 pm)
  • March 23 – Healthcare Workgroup (3:30 pm)
  • March 23 – WSARA Social Security/Medicare Rally, Spokane – see above (12:00 pm)
  • March 24 – Legislative Update Call (2:00 pm)
  • March 31 – Legislative Update Call (2:00 pm)
  • April 7 – Legislative Update Call (2:00 pm)
  • April 13 – Healthcare Workgroup (3:30 pm)
  • April 14 – Strategic Plan Listening Session (10:00 am)
  • April 14 –Legislative Update Call (2:00 pm)

Health Care Authority Listening Sessions & Public Forums

  • March 14 – HCA Virtual Listening Session (10:00 am)
  • March 16 – HCA Virtual Listening Session (10:00 am)
  • March 21 – HCA Virtual Listening Session (10:00 am)
  • March 22 – HCA Virtual Public Forum (10:00 am)
  • March 23 – HCA Virtual Listening Session (10:00 am)
  • March 28 – HCA Virtual Listening Session (10:00 am)
  • March 29 – HCA In-person Listening Session, Tumwater (10:00 am)
  • March 30 – HCA Virtual Listening Session (10:00 am)

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