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RPEC Legislative Update Newsletter – 5-5-21

RPEC Legislative Update Newsletter – 5-5-21


  • Post Session Action Plan
  • Monthly Legislative Update Zoom Call

Post Session Action Plan

This session, we were successful on our priorities to preserve the PEBB Medicare Benefit, fully funding the employer contributions to the pension systems, enacting a progressive tax on high-end capital gains, and several other issues of importance to our members. Some of our members are rightfully disappointed about the lack of a COLA increase for Plan 1 retirees in the final budget, even the very small one-time COLA considered late in the session.

The coming weeks and months will be pivotal for retirees to reorganize and bring forward a new effort to address the Plan 1 COLA and other issues that impact our members. Our Legislative Committee and Executive Board will be working with our allies and Legislative champions to gather information and develop a proposal that can provide a substantial and consistent increase for those in Plan 1.

Our Members can help these efforts by:

  1. Communicating with your Legislators
  2. Attending local chapter meetings with Legislative guest speakers
  3. Attending virtual meetings of the Select Committee on Pension Policy: Next Meeting- June 15th at 10am

We will send instructions on how to join the meetings when that information is available.

The message to Legislators is appreciation for previous one-time increases in 2018 & 2020 but reaffirming that there is a need for a more substantial and consistent COLA for Plan 1 Retirees, to replace the UCOLA that was taken away by the Legislature in 2011, that helps prevent further loss of purchasing power.

Monthly Legislative Update Zoom Call

Mark Your Calendars:

Beginning in June, on the 1st Wednesday of each month, we will have an update on our Legislative priorities and activities.

Please join us on June 2nd at 2pm for our first update. We will send a reminder out as it gets closer.

To join the update calls:

Via Computer or tablet:

Or, go to:
Meeting ID: 828 6634 6713
Passcode: 205507

Via Phone:

Dial: (253) 215-8782
Meeting ID: 828 6634 6713
Passcode: 205507


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