Monday, March 4, 2024

RPEC attends State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti’s Re-Election Kickoff

RPEC attends State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti’s Re-Election Kickoff

On May 25 RPEC leaders attended State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti’s 2024 re-election kick-off luncheon at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle.  As State Treasurer, Pellicciotti is responsible for overseeing the state’s assets, including the $178 billion invested in public employee pensions.

In his speech, Pellicciotti thanked RPEC for partnering with him to ensure that Washington’s public employee pensions remain among the healthiest and best funded in the nation.  He resolved to address a looming retirement security crisis: many younger people do not have pensions and are not saving for retirement.  He also highlighted his proposal to address generational wealth gaps by creating the Washington Future Fund, which would create opportunities for people born into low income families to attend college, start a business, or purchase a home when they reach adulthood.

Many notable leaders attended the event, including Attorney General Bob Ferguson, State Senator Yasmin Trudeau, State Representative Nicole Macri, King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay, and RPEC’s Legislative Champion of 2021, former State Representative Jesse Johnson.

Clockwise from top left: Executive Director Laurie Weidner, Board Member Carol Dotlich, President Clair Olivers, State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti, Board Member Claude Burfect, Government Affairs Coordinator Emmett Mills, Board Member Alma-jean Marion, Treasurer Johanna Standish, Secretary Nancy Heley, Board Member Katrina Wynkoop Simmons, Board Member Cheryl Moser.

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