Friday, April 19, 2024

Member Volunteers Shine at WSLC Convention

The Washington State Labor Council held its Convention on July 17th through July 20th and granted RPEC an opportunity to host an RPEC information table, providing resources and support to public employees as they approach retirement. Labor events are huge opportunities for RPEC to generate visibility through face-to-face conversations with actives about how RPEC can support them in retirement, providing RPEC membership materials for actives to post at their workplace, and building relationships with union leaders. The foundation for RPEC’s tabling opportunities is its members, as they are living examples of what RPEC can do for public employees in retirement. Multiple members were in attendance as delegates representing their respective regional labor councils while other members attended to help run the RPEC membership table.

Members who helped staff the table were Jeff Paulsen (Ch 2), Martin Rollins (Ch 2), Alma-jean Marion (Ch 28), Bill Ziegler (Ch 35), Colleen McGinn (Ch 3), Katie Kerfonta (Ch 46), RPEC President Clair Olivers, RPEC Vice President Maurice Garrott, Robert Devlin (Ch 10), and Debbie Haigh (Ch 30). Thank you to the members who attended as delegates and to those who sacrificed their time to help with the membership table.

Are you social, have a union background, or have a drive for recruiting? If you’re interested in staffing a membership table and representing RPEC at future events, contact RPEC Membership Coordinator Jakob Canup at (360) 352-8262, ext. 106 or

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