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Legislators Attend RPEC District 1 Meeting

Legislators Attend RPEC District 1 Meeting

Clockwise from top left: Government Affairs Coordinator Emmett Mills, Executive Board Member Cheryl Moser, RPEC President Clair Olivers, Representative Shelley Kloba, Chapter 7 President Rick DeBay, Representative Sam Low, Chapter 6 President Christine Lavra, Chapter 37 President Brenda Williams, Representative Mary Fosse, Senator John Lovick, Representative Clyde Shavers

On June 6 RPEC members and state legislators from northwest Washington gathered in Arlington to discuss retirement security issues for retired public employees.  Senator John Lovick from Mill Creek, Representative Shelley Kloba from Kirkland, Representative Clyde Shavers from Island County, Representative Mary Fosse from Everett, and Representative Sam Low from Lake Stevens came well prepared to field questions on a variety of topics.

Legislators voiced their support for restoring an annual automatic COLA for PERS 1 and TRS 1 retirees and encouraged RPEC members to continue to work with the Select Committee on Pension Policy to craft a proposal to address the issue.  They also discussed the attempt by the Health Care Authority and the Public Employees Benefits Board to discontinue Uniform Medical Plan Classic Medicare in June 2022 and retirees’ ongoing desire to have a voice in decisions that impact their health insurance.  Addittionally, they discussed the recent passage of a bill to expand property tax exemptions for seniors.  The nearly 20 RPEC members who attended from Chapter 6 (Everett), Chapter 7 (Whatcom County), and Chapter 37 (Lynnwood) had opportunities to ask questions and chat with the legislators before and after the event.

Left to right: Representative Mary Fosse, RPEC Chapter 6 Secretary Debby Lippincott, Senator John Lovick

The meeting illustrated the type of outreach that is key to advancing RPEC’s priorities.  By inviting local legislators to chapter meetings during the summer and fall, members have opportunities to thank them for their past work, educate them about our issues, and develop personal relationships.  Stay tuned for opportunities to meet with your legislators at upcoming chapter meetings.

Left to right: RPEC President Clair Olivers, Representative Mary Fosse, RPEC Executive Director Laurie Weidner

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