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Beware of phone calls from “Becky with Medicare” scam

SHIBA News Flash — May 25, 2021

Beware of phone calls from “Becky with Medicare” scam

We’re getting reports from AARP Washington that over 600,000 robocalls were recently made to Washington state residents from “Becky with Medicare.” Call recipients are asked to “press 1 to speak to a representative.” The representative then attempts to collect information to send out genetic/DNA test kits. This call is a scam! The calls are reportedly coming from a variety of West Palm Beach, Florida phone numbers.

If you receive a call, hang up! And remember these tips to keep you safe:

  • Do not give out your Medicare number or Social Security number. Be cautious of unsolicited requests for your Medicare or Social Security numbers. If your personal information is compromised, it may be used in other fraud schemes.
  • Do not consent to any virus tests over the phone or at senior centers, health fairs, or in your home. If you think you need the test, talk to your doctor.
  • Monitor your Medicare Summary Notice to see if there are any services you didn’t have or didn’t want but were billed for. Medicare Summary Notices are sent every three months if you get any services or medical supplies during that three-month period.

SHIBA is Washington state’s Senior Medicare Patrol project. We can help clients prevent, detect and report Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. If you have questions or suspect fraud or abuse, contact us online or call 1-800-562-6900 and ask to speak with SHIBA.

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