Monday, July 6, 2020


Retired Public Employees Council of Washington’s 47th Convention
September 23, 2020

Effective 5/19/2020, Revised 5/21/2020

On May 19, the RPEC Executive Board voted to cancel our physical convention due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and to proceed with plans to hold a virtual convention.

The details of the virtual convention, which would be September 23 (the original date for convening the convention), are still being worked out as to how it will operate, but at this time we are encouraging chapters to continue with their delegate election process. Please note:

  1. We are extending the delegate registration deadline from Tuesday, June 30 to Friday, July 31.
  2. A delegate registration fee in NOT required for the virtual convention.
  3. Hotel reservations are NOT required and RPEC is cancelling our block reservation. If any of your members have made reservations, please have them cancel to avoid being charged.
  4. A revised Convention Registration Form is attached. Convention Registration Form. (Download form, fill out, save and email to

Convention Committees – Resolutions, Constitution, Legislative, Rules, and Elections
Click here to download a description of Convention Committees

REVISED – Timeline of Convention Related Deadlines/Dates

Tuesday, March 31 – Delegate Count
Friday, April 3 – Convention Call sent to Chapters
Friday, July 31 – Delegate Registration Form to RPEC Offices
Friday, July 31 – Committee Requests (see Registration Form)
Friday, August 7 – Committee Assignment Letters sent to Delegates
Friday, August 7 – Amendments/Resolutions due in Council Office
Monday, August 24 – Amendments mailed to EB, Chapters & Delegates
Tuesday, September 8 – Resolutions mailed to Delegates
(To Be Determined) – Convention Committee virtual meetings
Wednesday, September 23 – Convention Convenes/ Executive Officer Nominations & Elections


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact James Cockburn at or Derek VanSpoor at


Original Convention Call – 4/2/20


Nominations for Executive Board Officers will be held during session on Wednesday, September 23rd; Officer elections and District Board member elections will be held during session on Thursday, September 24th.


Pursuant to Article V, Section 13, “the number of delegates each chapter is entitled to elect shall be based on the number of dues-paying members on record with the council office as of the last day of March of each year….

The Constitution also provides that each chapter may elect or designate a chairperson of the delegation and an alternate chairperson, please note on registration form.  No delegate may be seated unless the registration fee is paid in full, and he/she has been certified as a delegate.


Please note:

  1. The Council Office reserves hotel rooms for the Executive Board members and covers the cost of their rooms and travel.
  2. The Council Office covers the cost of convention registration for the Executive Board members.
  3. Executive Board members are encouraged to be a member of their chapter’s convention delegation.

Article IX – Duties and Authority of Executive Board and Officers

Section 3.       The executive board members shall attend conventions at the expense of the Retired Public Employees Council.

Section 4.       By virtue of their office, the executive board members shall have a vote at conventions on all matters except elections. Only board members who are also a delegate from their chapters may vote in elections. On roll call votes they may vote as a board member or a delegate, but not both.


The following are being sent to the Executive Board, Chapter President, Chapter Vice-President and Treasurer:

  1. One copy of this Convention Call.
  2. One copy of Delegate Allocation.

The following are being sent to each Chapter Secretary:

  1. One copy of this Convention Call.
  2. One copy of Delegate Allocation.
  3. Two copies of the Convention Registration Form (Return one to the Council Office, and one for the Chapter to keep).


The convention registration fee for each delegate has been set at $120.00, as established by the RPEC Executive Board.  This includes a convention packet, and three meals – lunch and banquet on Wednesday, September 23rd, and breakfast on Thursday, September 24th.

The goal is to have every chapter represented at the convention. If your chapter needs financial assistance, contact the Council Office no later than Monday, June 15th.

The Convention Registration Form accompanied by full payment of convention registration fees for delegates, alternates and guests should be sent to the Council Office no later than Tuesday, June 30th. Extended to Friday, July 31. Please ensure that the Registration Form is signed by either the Chapter President or the Chapter Secretary.

Alternates and Guests may either pay the full registration fee ($120) for a convention packet and all meals, or they may purchase individual meal tickets at a cost of $30 for the lunch, $46 for the banquet and $29 for the breakfast ($105.00 for all three meals).

Please note the deadline for registration, payment of registration fees, individual meals, and any special dietary needs is Tuesday, June 30th. Extended to Friday, July 31.

Section 6 – MENU – N/A



Chapters whose delegates cancel their registration to the annual convention must provide documentation proving hardship in order to receive a refund, and the refund may not exceed 50% of the registration fee paid.  Refund requests must be made in writing, along with proof of hardship (e.g. doctor’s note), to the Finance Committee.  No refunds will be granted on individual meal tickets.  Requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing and will be reviewed by the Council Executive Committee to determine whether the requests for refund will be granted.


If your chapter wishes to submit resolutions or amendments to the Constitution, they must be submitted in accordance with Article XI and Article XII of the current RPEC Constitution.


Section 1.       Proposed amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws shall be submitted in writing to the council office, Olympia, Washington, at least forty-five (45) days prior to the annual convention of the Retired Public Employees Council.  They shall bear the signature of the chapter president or secretary submitting them.

Section 2.       Amendments may also be submitted by the council executive board and shall bear the signature of the council president or secretary.

Section 3.       Each proposed amendment must be accompanied by a brief statement explaining why the amendment is needed.

Section 4.       The council office shall submit proposed amendments to executive board members and to all chapters and convention delegates at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual convention. The Retired Public Employees Council executive board shall review and make a recommendation to the convention on any proposal to amend the constitution.

Section 5.       A majority vote of the delegates voting shall be necessary for adoption of a constitutional amendment. Any adopted changes to the constitution must be sent to American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees International within thirty (30) days of the adjournment of the Retired Public Employees Council convention.

Section 6.       Nothing contained in Appendix A (the chapter constitution) shall be in conflict with this Constitution.  In all cases, the council constitution shall prevail.  Properly adopted amendments to this Constitution shall, where applicable, automatically be incorporated into Appendix A (the chapter constitution).


Section 1.       Resolutions to the Retired Public Employees Council Convention shall be submitted in writing at least forty-five (45) days prior to the convention to the council office, Olympia, Washington.  They shall bear the signature of the chapter president or secretary submitting them.

Section 2.       Resolutions may be submitted by the executive board of the council and shall bear the signature of the president or the secretary of the council up till noon of the 1st day of convention.

Section 3.  Each resolution must be accompanied by a brief statement explaining why the resolution is needed.

Section 4.       Copies of properly submitted resolutions shall be sent to delegates fifteen (15) days before the opening day of the convention.

Section 5.       The president shall review all proposed resolutions and assign them to the appropriate convention committee.  The convention committee will make any necessary changes in them, consolidate resolutions where appropriate, and report its recommendations to the convention delegates.

Section 6.  Resolutions may be submitted by chapters from the floor of the convention with copies provided to all delegates prior to the afternoon recess on the first day of the convention; provided that the resolutions are accepted for consideration by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those delegates in attendance.  A special meeting of the appropriate committee shall be convened to consider these resolutions.

Section 7.       A majority of the delegates voting shall be necessary for adoption of a resolution. 

Please note the deadline for receipt in the Council Office for Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions is Friday, August 7th.  

Note: the provision for Late Resolutions can be found in Section 6 above.

Section 10 – CONVENTION Committees

The following Convention-specific committees – Resolutions, Constitution, Legislative, Sergeants-at-Arms, Rules, Elections, RPEC-PAC Raffle and Registration, will be appointed by the RPEC Executive Board President following the Tuesday, June 30th registration deadline.

Notice of committee appointment letters with meeting times will be sent on Monday, July 20th to the appointed individuals and to chapter presidents.

There will be a President – Committee Chairs Conference Call scheduled for early August to discuss responsibilities and roles. Committee Chairs will be notified in advance of the meeting date and time.

Convention committee meetings will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 between 12:00 Noon and 5:00 p.m.

Please indicate with your Convention Registration Form if any of your delegates desire to participate on one of the following committees:

  • Constitution
  • Elections
  • Legislative
  • Registration
  • Resolutions
  • RPEC-PAC Raffle
  • Rules
  • Sergeants-at-Arms