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RPEC Weekly ACTION Newsletter – 4-16-2021

RPEC Weekly ACTION Newsletter – 4-16-2021


  • Action Item: Contact Legislators about RPEC’s Budget Priorities
  • Bill Status Update
  • Weekly Legislative Update Zoom Call

Action Item: Contact Legislators about RPEC’s Budget Priorities

Email addresses and office phone numbers for your Legislators can be found here:

The toll-free state legislature switchboard is 1-800-562-6000.

In the coming days lawmakers will work their budget math, crunch their numbers, and decide whether to continue to balance the state budget by overburdening retirees and working families who pay a higher share of their income in taxes, or to balance it by enacting policy that requires the ultra-wealthy to finally pay their share.  They will also decide if they will prioritize providing direct relief to retirees in Plan 1 who continue to see their pensions lose purchasing power.

We need to pass SB 5096 and take a critical step towards balancing Washington’s tax code and ensure the funding for a one-time increase for PERS/TRS plan 1 retirees is in the final budget. Can you contact your legislator today?

Our members have been telling lawmakers all year that retirees support a tax on extraordinary profits from capital gains, and other progressive revenue, which would only be paid by the wealthiest in our state. Lawmakers are still considering a capital gains tax as an option, but they need to hear from you, TODAY!

Email or call your representative now and tell them that (1) revenue can’t wait! and (2) support the proposal for a modest 1.5% COLA for Plan 1 Retires

Budgets, and the taxes used to pay for them, are moral documents that reflect our values. Now more than ever we need a budget that includes meaningful reform to our tax code, because it’s not about how much money the state has, but where that money comes from. We cannot balance our budget by overburdening retirees and working class Washingtonians. A capital gains tax on extraordinary wealth helps balance our tax code by finally requiring the wealthy to pay their share, and can fund things like the increase for Plan 1 retirees.

Please send a message to your lawmaker today using this link: or call them toll-free at 1-800-562-6000; tell them the time is now to pass progressive revenue and provide a one-time increase to Plan 1 Retirees!

Bill Status Update

Several bills that we have been following have passed through their house of origin and are expected to continue to move through the legislative process

The full list of bills that we are tracking and their current status can be found here:

Weekly Legislative Update

Each week we will host a Zoom call to provide an update on the status of RPEC’s Legislative Priorities and answer questions from members. The calls will take place at 1pm each Friday through the end of the Legislative Session. The Zoom login information will be the same each week.

To join the weekly update calls:

Via Computer or tablet:

Or, go to:
Meeting ID: 828 6634 6713
Passcode: 205507

Via Phone:

Dial: (253) 215-8782
Meeting ID: 828 6634 6713
Passcode: 205507


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