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RPEC Weekly ACTION Newsletter – 2-8-2019

RPEC Weekly ACTION Newsletter – 2-8-2019

In This Edition

  • ACTION ALERT – Contact Your Representative about HB 1390
  • WA State Legislative Bill Summary
  • RPEC PAC Contribution Deduction Form
  • #LoveMyPension

ACTION ALERT – Contact Your Representative about HB 1390

The House Appropriations Committee will hold a hearing on bill HB 1390, which would provide a one-time 3% increase, capped at $62.50 per month to PERS/TRS Plan 1 members, on Monday, February 11th beginning at 3:30 pm in House Hearing Rm A
of the John L. O’Brien Building.

We are asking members to contact members of the House Appropriations Committee to urge them to support this bill and vote it out of committee.

House Appropriations Committee Members Phone
Ormsby, Timm (D), Chair – 3rd LD (360) 786-7946
Bergquist, Steve (D), 2nd Vice Chair – 11th LD (360) 786-7862
Robinson, June (D), 1st Vice Chair – 38th LD (360) 786-7864
Stokesbary, Drew (R)- 31st LD (360) 786-7846
MacEwen, Drew (R), 35th LD (360) 786-7902
Rude, Skyler (R) – 16th LD (360) 786-7828
Caldier, Michelle (R) – 26th LD (360) 786-7802
Chandler, Bruce (R) – 15th LD (360) 786-7960
Cody, Eileen (D) – 34th LD (360) 786-7978
Dolan, Laurie (D) – 22nd LD (360) 786-7940
Dye, Mary (R) – 9th LD (360) 786-7942
Fitzgibbon, Joe (D) – 34th LD (360) 786-7952
Hansen, Drew (D) – 23rd LD (360) 786-7842
Hoff, Larry (R) – 18th LD (360) 786-7812
Hudgins, Zack (D) – 11th LD (360) 786-7956
Jinkins, Laurie (D) – 27th LD (360) 786-7930
Kraft, Vicki (R) – 17th LD (360) 786-7994
Macri, Nicole (D) – 43rd LD (360) 786-7826
Mosbrucker, Gina (R) – 14th LD (360) 786-7856
Pettigrew, Eric (D) – 37th LD (360) 786-7838
Pollet, Gerry (D) – 46th LD (360) 786-7886
Ryu, Cindy (D) – 32nd LD (360) 786-7880
Schmick, Joe (R) – 9th LD (360) 786-7844
Senn, Tana (D) – 41st LD (360) 786-7894
Springer, Larry (D) – 45th LD (360) 786-7822
Stanford, Derek (D) – 1st LD (360) 786-7928
Steele, Mike ® – 12th LD (360) 786-7832
Sullivan, Pat (D) – 47th LD (360) 786-7858
Sutherland, Robert (R) – 39th LD (360) 786-7967
Tarleton, Gael (D) – 36th LD (360) 786-7860
Tharinger, Steve (D) – 24th LD (360) 786-7904
Volz, Mike (R) – 6th LD (360) 786-7922
Ybarra, Alex (R) – 13th LD (360) 786-7808


WA State Legislative Bill Summary

Legislators have also introduced several other bills that would impact retirees.  Below are the list bills we are tracking as they move through the legislative process. More will be added as they are released. Full Text and updates on these bills can be found by searching for the bill number at: https://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/

Here is a link to the list of bills currently of focus to RPEC: http://www.rpecwa.org/bill-summary-2-8-2019/

RPEC Legislative Day

On Monday, a passionate group of retirees braved inclement weather to meet in Olympia for our joint Legislative Day with the Washington Education Association – Retired members.  Attendees were provided with training on how to effectively communicate with Legislators and then trekked up to the Capitol to meet with their Representatives and Senators.  That evening, our members hosted a reception that saw one of the largest turnouts of Legislators in the five year history of the event.

We thank everyone who signed up to attend and hope that next year Mother Nature will cooperate to allow more members to make it down to Olympia. 


From the National Public Pension Coalition – Every year on February 14th, they do their best to spread the pension love and let everyone know how valuable pensions are to retirees, their families, communities, and local economies.

This February 14th, use the hashtag #LoveMyPension on Facebook and Twitter to share with your friends and followers how and why your pension is important to you, your family, and your community. Spread the love, and help spread the word about the crucial role pensions play in the lives of so many Americans.


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