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RPEC Weekly ACTION Newsletter – 1-25-2019

RPEC Weekly ACTION Newsletter – 1-25-2019

In This Edition

  • ACTION ALERT – Contact Your Senator about SB 5275
  • WA State Legislative Bill Summary
  • RPEC PAC Contribution Deduction Form

ACTION ALERT – Contact Your Senator about SB 5275

RPEC members testified earlier this week in support of SB 5275 which would add a representative of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) to the Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB).  We support this bill because it would bring the expertise and consumer advocacy of OIC to the PEB Board.  This is especially important given the uncertainly around health care policy at the Federal level.

We are asking members to contact members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee to urge them to vote this bill out of the committee.

Senate Ways & Means Committee Members Phone
Rolfes, Christine (D) Chair – 23rd LD (360) 786-7644
Frockt, David (D) Vice Chair – 46th LD (360) 786-7690
Mullet, Mark (D) Capital Budget – 5th LD (360) 786-7608
Braun, John (R) Ranking Member – 20th LD (360) 786-7638
Brown, Sharon (R) Assistant Ranking Member – 8th LD (360) 786-7614
Honeyford, Jim (R) Assistant Ranking Member – 15th LD (360) 786-7684
Bailey, Barbara (R) – 10th LD (360) 786-7618
Becker, Randi (R) – 2nd LD (360) 786-7602
Billig, Andy (D) – 3rd LD (360) 786-7604
Carlyle, Reuven (D) – 36th LD (360) 786-7670
Conway, Steve (D) – 29th LD (360) 786-7656
Darneille, Jeannie (D) – 27th LD (360) 786-7652
Hasegawa, Bob (D) – 11th LD (360) 786-7616
Hunt, Sam (D) – 22nd LD (360) 786-7642
Keiser, Karen (D) – 33rd LD (360) 786-7664
Liias, Marko (D) – 21st LD (360) 786-7640
Palumbo, Guy (D) – 1st LD (360) 786-7600
Pedersen, Jamie (D) – 43rd LD (360) 786-7628
Rivers, Ann (R) – 18th LD (360) 786-7634
Schoesler, Mark (R) – 9th LD (360) 786-7620
Van De Wege, Kevin (D) – 24th LD (360) 786-7646
Wagoner, Keith (R) – 39th LD (360) 786-7676
Warnick, Judy (R) – 13th LD (360) 786-7624
Wilson, Lynda (R) – 17th LD (360) 786-7632

WA State Legislative Bill Summary 

Legislators have also introduced several other bills that would impact retirees.  Below are the list bills we are tracking as they move through the legislative process. More will be added as they are released. Full Text and updates on these bills can be found by searching for the bill number at: https://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/

Here is a link to the list of bills currently of focus to RPEC: http://www.rpecwa.org/bill-summary-1-25-2019/

RPEC PAC Contribution Deduction Form

RPEC now has its own voluntary deduction program to help subsidize our Political Action Committee (PAC) to fund its own political program in state races. You can now contribute to the RPEC PAC fund through a voluntary deduction from your Department of Retirement Systems pension.

In the first few weeks of the year, we have seen a sizeable number of members signing up to participate in our new Political Action Fund Deduction.

This optional deduction is separate from regular membership dues and will go directly to RPEC Political Action Fund to be used for supporting candidates running for office here in Washington that support retirees.

Download the RPEC PAC Deduction Form here, print, fill out and return to the Council Office at:

Retired Public Employees Council
906 Columbia St SW, Ste 501
Olympia, WA 98501


Wish to receive text alerts on important issues?
Text RPEC to 237263 to sign-up 

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