Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Chapter 18 Vice-President, Jane Lauzon honored

At her 80th birthday celebration, Chapter 18 Vice-President, Jane Lauzon was honored by the Snoqualmie Tribe for her decades of work resulting in reinstatement  of its federal status as a registered tribe. Jane also helped the tribe regain ownership of Snoqualmie Falls. Both efforts were undertaken some years ago.

Chief of the Moses Clan, Alan Sanders presented Jane with a native tribal art blanket. He noted that she had never been formally recognized by the tribe for her work, but that, “without Jane, we would still be petitioning the government for recognition”.

Jane’s niece, tribal member, Andra Flint shared the moment with her aunt.

Date: 10/23/19
Place: Quinault Hotel and Casino, Ocean Shores, WA

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