Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Plan I COLA Lawsuit Updates

UCOLA Retiree Interviews

  What is the Uniform COLA and why did Retired Public Employees Council file a lawsuit? George Masten, member since 1985 How has the elimination of the Plan 1 COLA impacted public sector retirees in Washington? Barbara Montermini, member since 1982

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RPEC Response to UCOLA Lawsuit Decision

View Press Release 8-14-14 Washington State Supreme Court Rules Against Public Sector Retirees Olympia, Washington – August 14, 2014 – Today the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the legislature had the right to eliminate COLA protections and gainsharing rights for Washington’s public employees. The Retired Public Employees Council of Washington (RPEC) and other public employee groups had sued the …

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Washington Supreme Court Considers COLA and Gainsharing Lawsuits

On October 24th, Washington’s Supreme Court heard the arguments against the Legislature’s repeal of two pension benefits — gainsharing and of the UCOLA, or Uniform Cost-of-Living Adjustment.   In 2011, the repeal of the UCOLA took effect, eliminating the ongoing UCOLA adjustment for retired Plan 1 members.  RPEC along with WEA and the Washington Federation sued to restore the UCOLA pension …

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Uniform Cost of Living Adjustment

UCOLA Uniform Cost of Living Adjustment In 1995, the Legislature passed SSB 5119. This bill established a Uniform Cost of Living Adjustment (UCOLA) for PERS 1and TERS 1retirees that had attained age 66 and been retired at least one year. The UCOLA also applied to vested employees and annuitants, who started receiving benefits in the future, attained age 66 and …

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