Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Legislative Update 3-15-13 – Town Hall Meetings

Most Legislators will be in their home districts this weekend having Town Hall Meetings.  If our members can attend, they should continue to advocate for the Legislature funding the pension unfunded liability and forget about developing a whole new plan that is not necessary. From your lobbyist, Bev Hermason.

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Legislative Action Alert 3-13-13 – SSB 5851

Today is the last day for bills to pass in their house of origin.  So far we have held up SSB 5851 (the pension 401K plan)  We still have today to go.  Senators will  be on the floor and in Caucus all day and your e-mails go straight to their desk.  Those who can be helpful to us are:  Senators …

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Legislative Update 3-13-13 – SSB 5851

We managed to keep SSB 5851 from passing in the Senate.  This is a wonderful accomplishment and you all deserve a pat on the back for all your hard work.  Consider this your pat on the back.  I appreciate all of you and thank you very much.  Having said that, our work is not done.  This can still come up …

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Call to Action 3-12-13 – SSB 5851

If the Senate is to vote on SSB 5851 before cut off they will have to do it sometime today or tonight or tomorrow by 5 p.m.  So you can look for something to happen unless they are just going to use it for the budget.  Senator Conway has an amendment that would turn it into a study.  We don’t …

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