Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Strengthen Social Security Act Reintroduced

There is breaking news in our fight to protect and expand Social Security! Senator Sherrod Brown, one of our strongest fighters in Washington against economic inequality, just announced that he will reintroduce Senator Tom Harkin’s Social Security expansion legislation. In a statement, Senator Brown said: “American seniors have had a steadfast ally in Senator Harkin. He has led the fight …

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Washington State Holds Retirement Insecurity Work Session

One in four Washington residents between the ages of 45-64 years old has $25,000 or less in savings and nearly half of near-retirement households ages 55-64 in Washington have no retirement plan at all.  These statistics could lead to devastating results both for those close to retirement and the state itself. Therefore, a few state legislators are trying to get …

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ESSB 5851 End of Session Update

The Legislative Session began in a state of panic due to an early move in the Senate to pull ESSB 5851, the legislation proposed by Senator Barbara Bailey to create a plan 4 pension.  RPEC members understood immediately that it would lessen the funds going into the State Investment Board which would have destabilized the current pension plans. RPEC therefore …

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