Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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House and Senate will vote on the budget! You did it!

Today the House and Senate will vote on the budget and the Governor plans to sign it at 5 p.m.  We were able to keep the Pension Subsidy at the $150/month level.  We were able to keep ESSB 5851, the pension reform which included a 401K plan, from passing, and the budget funds the unfunded liability payment to the pension …

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Alert:  THERE HAS BEEN A BUDGET AGREEMENT! If you want to watch the Senate vote on the budget, turn on TVW Channel 23 this evening.  No specifics have been released at this time, but as soon as information is released we will post it.

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Health Care Subsidy for Medicare-Eligible retirees

Attached here is the address of the Blog that The Olympian does.  If you read it you will see we are very much part of the end game.  We need to continue to shore up our friends in the Legislature who are negotiating.  The way to the blog is:  http// Please continue to e-mail and call your legislators as we …

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How would a government shutdown impact retirees?

The Governor recently asked agencies for input on a contingency plan for government operations in the event the Legislature fails to pass the 2013–15 operating and capital budgets by July 1, 2013. While any shutdown would have an extremely negative impact across many areas, the two agencies of utmost concern to retirees are Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) and the …

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