Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Health Insurance

The Seattle Times | Why you might pay twice for one visit to doctor

Why you might pay twice for one visit to doctor More patients are being confronted with hospital “facility fees” for routine doctors’ office visits. Hospitals say the fees are needed to cover overhead as they consolidate and buy clinics and practices, but the trend has spurred calls for more scrutiny. Read more here: Why you might pay twice for one …

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Medicare Claims Underpaid by UMP

From the Washington State Health Care Authority – Executive Summary: Medicare Claims Underpaid by UMP Prepared: October 8, 2012 Summary: As a result of an error in the way benefits were coordinated with Medicare, the Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) has been underpaying claims for about 36,000 Medicare retirees since January 1, 2011. The error was initially identified through UMP member …

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PEBB Approves Changes to Benefits for 2013

Changes for retirees Medical plans’ cost-sharing Retirees not enrolled in Medicare will see the same cost-sharing changes in 2013 as for employees. Retirees enrolled in Medicare will not have cost-sharing changes with their medical plans in 2013. Monthly medical premiums for non-Medicare retirees (estimates) Retirees will see their final medical premiums in PEBB’s retiree open enrollment newsletter (in mid-October) and …

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Regence provides status reports on UMP claims backlog

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program will provide weekly status reports so state employees and retirees can track Regence BlueShield’s compliance with a performance plan ordered earlier this fall. Regence BlueShield assumed administration functions for the state’s Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) in January 2011. In August, the Health Care Authority (HCA, which administers the PEBB Program) called for a …

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