Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Health Insurance

Health Care Subsidy for Medicare-Eligible retirees

Attached here is the address of the Blog that The Olympian does.  If you read it you will see we are very much part of the end game.  We need to continue to shore up our friends in the Legislature who are negotiating.  The way to the blog is:  http//blog.thenewstribune.com/politicsblog/. Please continue to e-mail and call your legislators as we …

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Legislative Update – Budget

The Legislature is apparently returning to Olympia on Wednesday to join the negotiators and hopefully pass a budget.  To that end, we need to make one last pitch in support of the Health Care Subsidy. Even if you have already done this, please do it again.  All of your Senators and Representatives need to hear from you.  Below is a …

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Legislative Update – State Budget

THIS COULD BE AN EMERGENCY!  I have been told that the budget negotiators have been considering eliminating the Health Care Subsidy for Medicare-Eligible retirees all together.  If is now $150 per month.  If that happens, I believe many retirees will lose their health care entirely.  We need to call members of the Senate, House and the Governor to explain to …

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ESSB 5851 & Medical Subsidy Issues

Rumors from OFM are that the Senate is putting everything, including ESSB 5851 and the  Medicare subsidy, on the table trying to force the House to accept something in order for the Senate to give on some of the revenue pieces that the House wants.  So, anyone who hasn’t already weighed in on the pension bill and the Medicare subsidy …

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