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Bill Summary 4-7-2023

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BillCompanion BillsTitleOriginal SponsorStatusActionPositionDateLast Roll Call
ESHB 1057SB 5350(H Rules R)PERS/TRS 1 benefit increaseStokesbaryS 2nd ReadingTestifiedSupport3/15/202396-0-0-2
ESHB 1222Hearing instruments coverageOrwallS Passed 3rdSigned inSupport3/31/202348-0-0-1
ESSB 5187HB 1140(H Rules R)Operating budgetRolfesH Passed 3rdWatch4/3/202357-40-0-1
ESSB 5294HB 1201(H Rules C)Retirement system fundingRolfesH Passed 3rdTestifiedOther4/5/202398-0-0-0
HB 1008SB 5420(S Ways & Means)Plan 2 members/insuranceBronoskeS Rules 2Signed inSupport3/14/202393-0-0-5
SB 5296HB 1007(H subst for)Military service creditNoblesH AppropsSigned inSupport2/24/202349-0-0-0
SB 5350HB 1057(H subst for)PERS/TRS 1 benefit increaseConwayH Rules RTestifiedSupport3/28/202348-0-0-1
SB 5421Benefit enrollment info.ConwaySigned by GovSigned inSupport4/6/202394-2-0-2
SHB 1007SB 5296(H Approps)Military service creditPaulS Pres SignedSigned inSupport3/27/202349-0-0-0
SHB 1056SB 5349(S Rules X)Postretirement employmentStokesbaryS Rules 2Signed inSupport3/29/202393-0-0-5
SHB 1105Public comment noticeKlobaS Rules 2Support3/29/202395-0-0-3
SHB 1140SB 5187(S subst for)Operating budgetOrmsbyH Rules RWatch4/3/2023
SHB 1355Property tax exemptionsWylieS 2nd ReadingSupport4/4/202396-0-0-2
SHB 1804SB 5696(S subst for)PEBB/subdivision retireesSteeleS 2nd ReadingSupport4/5/202397-0-0-1
SSB 5338Essential health benefitsClevelandDel to GovSigned inSupport4/7/202349-0-0-0
SSB 5490PEBB/deferred coverageRolfesSigned by GovSupport3/30/202397-0-0-1
SSB 5696HB 1804(H subst for)PEBB/subdivision retireesRobinsonH Rules RSigned inSupport3/28/202349-0-0-0

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