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Bill Summary 3-17-2020

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ItemBill NumberDescriptionStatusRPEC Postion
1HB 1390/ SB 5400Providing a one-time 3% increase, capped at $62.50 per month to PERS/TRS Plan 1 membersPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
2SB 5601Concerning health care benefit managementPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
3SB 6319Concerning administration of the senior property tax exemption programPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
4SB 5887Concerning health carrier requirements for prior authorization standardsPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
5HB 1608Protecting patient carePassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
6HB 2662Reducing the total cost of insulinPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
7SB 6088Establishing a prescription drug affordability boardPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
8HB 2189Including specified competency restoration workers at department of social and health services institutional and residential sites in the public safety employees retirement systemPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
9SB 6404Adopting prior authorization and appropriate use criteria in patient carePassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
10SB 6359Creating regulation exemptions for rural health clinics providing services in a designated home health shortage areaPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
11SB 6383/ HB 2341Concerning the retirement strategy funds in the plan 3 and the deferred compensation programsPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
12HB 1888Protecting employee information from public disclosurePassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
13SB 6499Concerning the confidentiality of retirement system files and records relating to health informationPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
14SB 6087Imposing cost-sharing requirements for coverage of insulin productsPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
15SB 6074/ HB 2193Reauthorizing and expanding the financial fraud and identity theft crimes investigation and prosecution programPassed Legislature, Delivered to GovernorSupport
16HB 1085/ SB 5469Requiring the State to cover at least 50% of the monthly premium for Medicare-eligible retirees under PEBBIntroduced, Referred to House Appropriations, Unlikely to Advance / Senate Ways & Means, Did not AdvanceSupport
17HB 1220/ SB 5275Adding a nonvoting representative from the office of the insurance commissioner to the public employees' benefits board.Introduced, Referred to House Rules, Unlikely to Advance / Senate Rules, Did not AdvanceSupport
18SB 6113Creating a central insulin purchasing programIntroduced, Passed Senate, Passed House Appropriations, Referred to Rules, Did not AdvanceSupport
19SB 6275Increasing patient access rights to timely and appropriate postacute careIntroduced, Passed Senate, Passed House Appropriations, Referred to Rules, Did not AdvanceSupport
20SB 6358Requiring medicaid managed care organizations to provide reimbursement of health care services provided by substitute providersIntroduced, Passed Senate, Passed House Appropriations, Referred to Rules, Did not AdvanceSupport
21SB 6050/ HB 2209Concerning long term care insurance guaranty fundIntroduced, Passed Senate, Passed House Appropriations, Referred to Rules, Did not AdvanceSupport
22HB 2036Concerning health system transparencyDid not AdvanceSupport
23SB 5392/ HB 1317Establishing the profession of dental therapistDid not AdvanceSupport
24SB 6250/ HB 2328Concerning nursing facilitiesDid not AdvanceSupport
25SB 6098Concerning insurance coverage of prosthetics and orthotics.Did not AdvanceSupport
26SB 5335/ HB 1414Paying state retirement benefits until the end of the month in which the retiree or beneficiary diesDid not AdvanceSupport
27SB 5541Creating a state revenue reform task force.Did not AdvanceSupport
28SB 5184Concerning prescription coverage and the use of nonresident pharmacies.Did not AdvanceSupport
29SB 6666Protecting employee information from public disclosureDid not AdvanceSupport
30SB 6594Concerning health system transparencyDid not AdvanceSupport
31HB 1172/ SB 5314Assisting Washington families by improving the fairness of the state's tax system by enacting a capital gains tax and providing property tax reliefDid not AdvanceSupport
32SB 6199Adjusting by inflation the qualifying income thresholds for purposes of the senior citizen and service-connected disabled veterans property tax exemption programDid not AdvanceSupport
33SB 5625Allowing medicare supplemental insurance premiums to be deducted from the calculation of disposable income for the purpose of qualifying for senior property tax programsDid not AdvanceSupport
34SB 6310Concerning a report of employers with employees receiving certain public assistance programsDid not AdvanceSupport
35SB 6110Importing prescription drugs from CanadaDid not AdvanceSupport
36SB 6111Creating a pharmacy tourism programDid not AdvanceSupport
37SB 6431Exempting personal demographic details of state employees from public disclosureDid not AdvanceSupport
38SB 6125Concerning postretirement work in an elected city or county council positionDid not AdvanceWatch
39HB 2533Concerning disability benefits in the public safety employees' retirement systemDid not AdvanceSupport
40SB 6165Providing a one-time 1.5% increase, capped at $22 per month to PERS/TRS Plan 1 membersDid not AdvanceWatch
41HB 1132/ SB 5178Concerning early retirement options for members of the teachers' retirement system and school employees' retirement system plans 2 and 3Did not AdvanceWatch
42SB 6662Providing retirement benefits at earlier ages in the plans 2 and 3 of the public employees' retirement system, the teachers' retirement system, and the school employees' retirement systemDid not AdvanceWatch
43SB 6337Concerning early retirement reduction factors for certain members of the teachers retirement system and the public safety employees retirement systemDid not AdvanceWatch
44HB 1765Concerning medical deductions for calculating disposable incomeDid not AdvanceSupport
45HB 2734Creating pathways to recovery from addiction by eliminating a tax preference for the warehousing of opioids and other drugsDid not AdvanceSupport
46SB 5781Addressing health insurance mandates in the individual and small group marketsDid not AdvanceOppose

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