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Bill Summary 1-13-2023

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Bill #PositionTopicStatusSponsor
HB 1057 (SB 5350)SupportOne-time 3% COLA for PERS 1 and TRS 1 retirees, capped at $110 per month.Appropriations / Ways & MeansStokesbary / Conway
SB 5169SupportProtecting Uniform Medical Plan Classic Medicare, expanding PEBB plan choices, and incorporating retiree input into decision making.Health & Long Term CareHunt
SB 5250SupportExpanding the senior and disabled veterans property tax exemption.Ways & MeansShewmake
HB 1105SupportRequiring public agencies to provide notice for public comment that includes the last date by which such public comment must be submitted.State Gov & Tribal Relations, Exec Session 1/17, 1:30 PMKloba
HB 1056 (SB 5349)SupportRepealing some postretirement employment restrictions.Appropriations, Hearing 1/16, 4:00 PM / Ways & MeansStokesbary / Conway
HB 1008SupportConcerning participating in insurance plans and contracts by separated plan 2 members of certain retirement systems.Appropriations, Hearing 1/16, 4:00 PMBronoske
HB 1075 (SB 5249)SupportExpanding eligibility for the working families' tax credit to everyone age 18 and older.Finance / Ways & Means, Hearing 1/19 4:00 PMThai / Shewmake
HB 1201 (SB 5294)WatchConcerning actuarial funding of state retirement systems.Appropriations, Hearing 1/18, 4:00 PM / Ways & MeansOrmsby / Rolfes
SB 5084WatchCreating a separate fund for the purposes of self-insured pensions and assessments.Labor & Commerce, Exec Session 1/17, 10:30 AMBraun
SB 5194OpposeRendering the Washington state insurance commissioner an appointed position.State Government & ElectionsMullet


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