Monday, September 25, 2023

2020 PEBB Health Insurance Rates

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) met on July 10 and approved the rates for both Non-Medicare and Medicare Eligible retirees for 2020.  The changes from 2019 vary by plan.  Non-Medicare Retirees will see increases of $5-27 per month depending on their plan.  Medicare Retirees will see increase that range from $0.68 per month for Premera Medicare Plan F to a $7.45 increase for Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) Classic Medicare.  UMP is the plan chosen by 60% of those who are eligible for PEBB coverage.

The premiums rates for Medicare Care Retirees are the total paid out of pocket by retirees after the state pays its share in the form of the PEBB Medicare Benefit.  In 2019, the PEBB Medicare Benefit was $168 per month.  Due to the efforts of RPEC members, the PEBB Medicare Benefit will be $183 per month in 2020.

RPEC continues to have concerns about the affordability of the Plans offered under PEBB.  We will work with our representative on the PEB Board to explore ways to keep the quality of coverage at a high level while ensuring retirees can afford their premiums.

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