Tuesday, September 26, 2023

2016 Legislative Priorities

Click here to download the 2016 RPEC Legislative Priorities


  • Restoration of the Plan 1 COLA
  • Restore PEBB Medicare Subsidy by increasing the subsidy a minimum of $32 per month per subscriber.
  • Full funding of employer contribution rates to the pension plans
  • Oppose effort to create a new state retirement plan
  • Protect and Expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Access to affordable health care to all retired public employees



  • Restoration of the Plan 1 COLA
  • Continue to support full funding of employer contribution rates as recommended by the State Actuary
  • Oppose creation of any new retirement plans for public employees that diminish benefit levels and/or compromises retirement security
  • Support legislation to create an automatic default into PERS Plan 2 for new employees
  • Continue efforts to strengthen the role of active and retired PERS members in PERS governance
  • Support legislation to study possibility of a state based Social Security supplement

Health Care

  • Maintain health insurance through PEBB at affordable costs and adequate level of benefit for those who have access
  • Support the creation of a public option on the state health insurance exchange to create competitive and affordable rates
  • Support and monitor the Office of the Insurance Commissioner in their regulation of Medicare supplement policies and rates to ensure quality plans are as affordable as possible
  • Work to maintain and expand access to Dental coverage

Contracting Out/Privatization

  • Oppose efforts to privatize or contract out public services


Social Security and Medicare

    • Continue fight to protect Social Security from privatization
    • Protect Social Security funding
    • Pass legislation that eliminates the contribution cap to Social Security($118,500 in 2015) and adopts the CPI-E to calculate the cost-of-living adjustments
    • Protect Medicare and Medicaid financing, eligibility criteria, benefit levels and insure access
    • Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act
    • Pursue affordable long-term care options for retirees
  • Fight for the elimination of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and the Government Pension Offset (GPO) which unfairly diminishes the Social Security benefit of some public employees



  • Continue to encourage RPEC member-volunteers to advance RPEC’s legislative agenda and support lobbying activities year around

As approved at the 2015 RPEC Convention

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