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2016 Bill Status Report – 2/19/2016

Retired Public Employees Council Bill Status Report

Bill Details Status Sponsor   Position

HB2138 SB6017

PERS and TRS plan 1 COLAs DEAD Reykdal   Support
Provides the same annual cost-of-living adjustment for plan 1 retirees of the teachers’ retirement system and the public employees’ retirement system as is provided for plan 2 and plan 3 members of those systems.
HB2298 Domestic partnerships/PERS H Passed, S Ways & Means Moeller   Support
Requires the department of retirement systems to adopt rules to permit certain spouses of public employees’ retirement system members the opportunity to designate themselves as a postretirement marriage survivor between September 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016.
HB 2424 Hospital discharge planning DEAD Tharinger Support
Providing for hospital discharge planning with lay caregivers. Addresses lay caregivers providing assistance to a patient after the patient’s discharge from a hospital. Requires hospital discharge policies to ensure that a discharge plan is appropriate for the patient’s physical condition, emotional and social needs, and, if a lay caregiver is designated takes into consideration, to the extent possible, the lay caregiver’s abilities as disclosed to the hospital.


HB2333 PERS plan choice DEAD Reykdal   Monitoring
Authorizes an employee to choose to earn future service credit as a member of plan 2 or plan 3 of the public employees’ retirement system if they are: (1) Age twenty-five or less; (2) Validly separated from employment from an employer; and (3) Subsequently employed by a different employer in an eligible position.
HB2646 Retirement system defaults DEAD Ormsby   Support
Modifies provisions in the public employees’ retirement system, the teachers’ retirement system, and the school employees’ retirement system with regard to plan membership default.
SB6209 HB2319 Continuity of care/Rx insur. DEAD Rivers Support
Concerning prescription drug insurance continuity of care.  


Employment after govt service DEAD Carlyle   Monitoring
Prohibits certain former state officials and employees from lobbying or attempting to influence state government within one year of leaving public service.
SB 6433 Forfeiting public pensions DEAD Bailey   Monitoring
Authorizing the forfeiture of the pension of a public employee convicted of a felony for misconduct associated with such person’s service as a public employee.


SB6434 Garnishing public pensions DEAD Bailey   Monitoring
Garnishing public pensions to pay for the costs of incarceration of a public employee convicted of a felony for misconduct associated with service as a public employee.
SB6435 Optional salary deferral DEAD Bailey   Monitoring
Creates optional salary deferral programs. Creates the money-purchase retirement savings principal account. Creates the money-purchase retirement savings administrative account.
SB 6555


Personal needs allowance DEAD Rolfes Support  
Requires the personal needs allowance to be adjusted for economic trends and conditions by increasing the allowance by the percentage cost-of-living adjustment for old-age, survivors, and disability social security benefits as published by the federal social security administration.  
SB 6585 Elder justice centers DEAD Cleveland   Support
Addresses the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults. Requires the department of social and health services to establish two elder justice center demonstration programs, one in Clark county and the other in Spokane county.
SB6593 Rx drug prices DEAD     Support
Promoting greater fairness for taxpayers in prescription drug costs by pursuing prices that are aligned with or lower than the negotiated prices available to the United States veterans administration.


SB6622 Retirement benefit assign. DEAD Fraser   Support
Prohibiting the assignment of retirement benefits. Protects pensions from some pension advance loan companies

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