Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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2011 RPEC Legislative Priorities

2011 Legislative Agenda Top Tier Priorities:

  • Full funding of employer contribution rates
  • Oppose any effort to create new state retirement plans
  • Monitor SB 6584 process and pursue changes if necessary
  • Protect Social Security


  • Support full funding of employer contribution rates as recommended by State Actuary for all Washington State public employee plans. Maintain 100% funding for all Tier 2 and 3 Plans and LEOFF I and eliminate Unfunded Liability for PERS and TERS I by approximately 2024
  • Improve Plan 1 COLA benefits
  • Oppose creation of any new retirement plan for public employees – no plan 4 or 401K
  • Continue coalition efforts to strengthen PERS governance structure

Health Care

  • Monitor results of SB 6584 process; review results of mandatory report and pursue legislative and/or administrative changes if necessary
  • Provide PEBB access for all local government employees
  • Support continuation of PEBB coverage for PERS 2 members age 55 or older who have 10 years of service credit and who separate from service
  • Support a limited open enrollment period for K-12 and PERS retirees who did not take PEBB coverage
  • Support PEBB dental insurance as a stand-alone benefit

Disability and Long-term Care

  • Pursue affordable long-term care insurance plan for retirees


  • Improve on 2010 health care reform legislation to insure universal coverage using single payer and/or public plan to ensure affordability and portability for all


  • Discourage the trend found in the private sector towards defined contribution retirement plans

Social Security

  • Continue to fight to protect social security from privatization and protect funding and benefit levels. We will carefully monitor the work of the “Fiscal Commission” and their recommendations and will oppose any recommendations that reduce benefits.
  • Support HR 5987 to provide a-time $250 payment for retirees and other social security beneficiaries who are not receiving cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs)

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